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Hospitality Furniture

FF&E – Custom Furniture:

KEY Group is dedicated to producing premium, tailor-made wooden and upholstered furniture specifically designed for the hospitality sector.

Situated in Shanghai, we manage production across five partner factories equipped with cutting-edge technology in both China and Indonesia. This allows us to provide products that boast high quality and competitive prices to our valued customers.

The furniture created by KEY Group is chosen by 4-star and 5-star hotels globally, earning acclaim from interior designers and design firms with numerous awards. Consequently, KEY Group has garnered widespread support as a distinguished supplier, proudly embracing its accomplishments.


Art Consulting and Installation:

At KEY Group, we deliver tailored and comprehensive art consultation and advisory services to our valued clients. Our adept team is well-prepared to tackle projects of any scale, offering specialized expertise in art procurement, installation design, exhibition planning, and collection management. 

What We Offer

Hospitality Furniture 

KEY Group delivers bespoke solutions for hospitality businesses, including hotels, resorts, and restaurants. Our comprehensive services encompass the entire journey from sourcing and procurement to the meticulous installation of furniture, aiming to elevate both the ambiance and functionality of these spaces.

Edison Hotel

Art Work Consultation

KEY Group is committed to providing specialized expertise in the meticulous selection, strategic placement, and thoughtful curation of artworks. Our core focus is to enhance the overall aesthetic allure and thematic harmony of hospitality spaces.

Hotel Furniture



  • Delivery & Installation

  • After Care


Logistics Company 

  • Shipment Adjustment

  • Trade Management


Key International Shanghai Office / Factory

  • Production & Quality Control

  • Estimation & Cost Management

  • Process & Deadline Management

Office Furniture Image
Edison Hotel


  • Facilitating communication on furniture specifications

  • Reviewing and approving factory production drawings

  • Developing process charts



  • Production Drawing Creation

  • Fine-Tuning of Finishing Material Samples

  • Development of Process Charts,

  • and Various Adjustments

Our Project Flow

Edison Hotel

Reference - Major Hotel Projects 

Reference List
Reference List

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