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Office & Industrial Furniture

We comprehend the vital components for efficient organic workplaces, aiming to blend functionality and responsiveness to enhance overall productivity, satisfaction, comfort, safety, and reliability.

Achieving this ideal workplace involves a synergistic approach to construction, equipment, and design, considering sociological, psychological, economical, and system engineering factors.

With our experience and industry trend monitoring, KEY ensure the design of a workplace that intuitively nurtures efficiency and offers clear advantages in throughput.

Strategic planning and design services for new office and factory spaces, employing advanced 3D rendering modeling and CAD technology.

Haworth Workstation

Integrated furniture solutions: Offering seamless services including sales, delivery, professional installation, and ongoing maintenance.


Professional furniture enhancement services: Expert refurnishing, refinishing, and reupholstery for existing furniture.

Finshing Process

What We Offer

Furniture 3D rendering examples 

3D Rendering - Office After
Rendering Image: Open Office
3D Rendering - Office Before
Rendering Image: Conference Room



Punch List, Data Retention, Warranty, Maintenance

  • Post-Installation Inspection

  • Ongoing Warranty Care

  • Comprehensive Support for Add-on Orders, Modifications, & Replacements



​Conduct research, summarize findings, and analyze data.

  • Survey  Existing Furniture

  • Questionnaire 

  • Analysis

  • Furniture Material Selections

  • Layout and Renderings

  • Detailed Pricing

  • Pre-Order Checks

Final Pre-Order Steps

Order Planning 


Office Furniture Image
Haworth Work Image


Basic Planning

Space Planning & Zoning/Conduct layout and environment study.

  • Concept Planning

  • Space Planning

  • Layout & Design Options



​Conduct research, summarize findings, and analyze data.

  • Survey  Existing Furniture

  • Questionnaire 

  • Analysis

Our Planning Process

Series of Corporate Logos

Client Partners

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