Aroma Space Design

Sense of smell, being one of five senses, is one important element that determines how we feel about a space. Strategically incorporating scent into interior design not only helps create a certain ambiance and mood but also influences behaviors and feelings of people within the space.


By using 100% high-quality essential aroma oil, Key International helps you add value to your space. We create spaces that fit the client’s purpose and needs from a design perspective, but also includes a mentally relaxing aroma.


Usage examples

We solve scent issues in each space and offer valuable space that fits your needs.

For offices

  • Eliminate typical office smell.
  • Reduce scents of employees’ perfumes and hair products.
  • Improve employees’ concentration level.
  • Reduce stress among staff.
  • Create refreshing and relaxing space.
  • Welcome visitors with fine scent.

For hotels

  • Stage originality and branding with signature scent.
  • Welcome guests with fine scent.
  • Differentiate from other hotels.
  • Neutralize scent from old space.

For nursing homes

  • Neutralize/reduce odors with pleasant scent.
  • Offer comfortable space for patients during their stays.
  • Differentiate from other nursing homes.
  • Reduce viruses.

Design process