Our flexible, high-performance panel systems are compatible with any work style. Utilizing a “good, better, best” approach and a robust integrated palette of material and finish options, our industry proven and highly configurable panel systems can become an investment that will pay dividends through years and years of service.

  • Haworth - Compose Panel System
  • Haworth - Premise Panel System
  • Haworth - UniGroup Too Panel System
  • Haworth - Compose with X Series Storage
  • Haworth - Reside Desking System
  • Haworth - X Series Cabinets
  • Haworth - X Series Cabinet & Pedestal
  • Haworth - X Series Storage
  • Haworth - Beside Storage
  • Haworth - X Series Casegoods


Form over function or function over form? We believe the best casegoods are a simultaneous marriage of the two at once. With a large array of wood veneer, laminate, and steel options, our casegoods are built to not only withstand the rigors of day-to-day use, but also to look good in the process.


Making the right seating choice can have a huge impact on your office. Check out our active ergonomic solutions and breathable mesh options for the high-use chairs in your working areas, elegant designs in your lounge area, and how to project an upscale presence in your meeting rooms.

  • Haworth - Very Task Chair Group
  • Haworth - X99 Seating Family
  • Haworth - Zody Task Chair & Reside Desk
  • Haworth - Lively Task & Side
  • Haworth - Harbor Work Lounge
  • Haworth - Enclose Walls & Wander's Tulip
  • Haworth - Enclose Frameless Walls
  • Haworth - Enclose Walls
  • Haworth - Enclose Walls
  • Haworth - Trivati Walls


Enclose, Enclose Frameless, and Trivati are architectural wall systems that can be easily customized and adapted. As part of Haworth’s Integrated Palette™ portfolio, Enclose can be combined with a wide range of desking, systems, tables, and other architectural products.


Technology integration issues shouldn’t interrupt your workflow. Workware® and Bluescape™ are ideal for collaborative spaces where information needs to be shared and discussed. Each system has solutions for power and data connectivity, user control, and monitor placement.

  • Haworth - Workware
  • Haworth - Workware Wall Mounted
  • Haworth - Bluescape NYC Showroom